Where Spirit and Science Unite

& Mysteries Unravel……

Harness your divine nature and propel your life to its’ fullest potential.

“Awaken the Ancient Wisdom Within You”.

Be Empowered

My soul purpose through energy healing, mentoring and education is to EMPOWER you to heal yourself. Initially, you will see me for personal or distance healings. With time, I will show you how you can continue to heal yourself and give you back your POWER to CREATE the life you deserve and DESIRE.


I am commited to each and every one of you who are eager to make the necessary change to heal, expand your consciousness and take responsibility of the life you want to create. I facilitate monthly guided meditations, workshops, retreats and teach certifications in the Reiki and Seichim energy healing modalities.

Be Supported

As human beings we are wired for the need to connect and feel best when we are part of a community.

As part of my programs and services you will find yourself as part of a supportive, like-minded community. Whether it is at my live events, my personal facebook groups or direct contact with me. You are supported.

Need Advice?

If you are seeking Healing, a Mentor or Teacher, Spiritual Guidance, Life Coaching or just want to feel more JOY in your life…… and I RESONATE with you, I invite you to reach out and start your journey……. there is no time like the present. It starts with YOU!

Courses & Workshops

Beyond The Physical Realm – Live Event – Adelaide, SA,

Click on the Underlined Title for more information on the event.

My Journey

My story is 42+ years long! (Watch full story Here)

All my challenges, hurts and obstacles in life have been for soul growth. Without the dark there is no light. Without the pain I could not experience relief and joy. All my life lessons have enabled me to feel all the varying degrees of emotion. From the highest of highs to the very lowest of lows.

It is with an open heart and soul that I wish you courage to become vunerable and start your own empowering healing journey.

From my soul to yours, Namaste.

“Your invited to awaken the knowledge you bestow already residing in your soul”.

-Harriet Moursellas

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Thanks for Connecting!

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 Sign up today and get a 15 minute SKYPE consult with me!